Agate Alley Laboratory
Open for Lunch!

Grand Re-Opening for Lunch!

Science fiends and fans rejoice! The Lab is open for lunch Tuesday-Friday 11am-3pm. Dinner is served Tuesday-Sunday 3pm-close. Join us for brunch 9am-3pm Saturday and Sunday. And happy hour (!) is Tuesday-Saturday 3pm-5pm & 10pm-close, Sunday all day! Visit our Menus Page for all of the delicious details!

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OODLES of free parking in back!

In case you didn't know, we have ample parking in back of the Lab, on Oak Street between 26th & 27th. The back lot is not accessible from Willamette (unless you drive through the restaurant - not recommended) so please access it from Oak, 26th, or 27th and c'mon in our back door!

"So, what’s with the name?”

Merhaba, Foon Ying, Welkom, Khosh aamadid, Bienvenue, Willkommen, Kalos orisate, Aloha mai, swaagatam, Isten hozott, Velkomin, Benvenuto, Irashaimasu, Huan yin, Komeekha, Bun venit, Bienvenidos, Välkommen, Dobro pozhalovat, Yin dee, Chào mung, Baruch haba

Welcome to Agate Alley’s Laboratory!

So why ‘The Laboratory?’ The name is symbolic of our conceptual approach to bringing you the best of the Northwest, but with an experimental fusion from cuisines from around the world. The earth is rich with multitudes of culinary traditions and our goal is to present them to you in a manner that accents our traditional Northwest fare. The Lab’s menu will change, evolve and metamorphosize on a monthly basis as Mad Scientist/Head Chef Josh Welton scours the deepest recesses of his brilliant culinary mind to bring to you, our guests, the most eclectic, tantalizing and scrumptiously original creations available in our fair city.

And this concept extends to our experiments in mixology behind the bar, where Mad Scientist, Kevin Kok, mixes his mad potions of deliciousness for our guests’ imbibing pleasure. Cherimoya? Swedish Cloudberries? Passion fruit? Tamarind? Everything is fair game in our quest to create the most wonderfully eclectic elixirs around.

Agate Alley LaboratoryMy goal and intention with both restaurants, The Lab and Agate Alley Bistro, is that each spot make an indelible mark on the neighborhood we share with all of our friends. I want each of our guests to feel like our place is their place. And to that end our most important mission is to make each of our guests feel as special and taken care of as they would if they were visiting my own home.

So welcome to The Lab! All of the mad scientists here are looking forward to your next visit very soon.

Dug Beaird
Owner, Agate Alley’s Laboratory